Website design is now days mostly used by all in digital market as it is one type of platform for your business to explore in digitized market. Your business is promoted on social platform which are mostly used by everyone. Your clients know your business by visiting your site, so your website is one kind of mirror which gives reflection of your business. By seeing your website customers get proper information, clear idea of what your business is for?. In website design there are two types as static design, and dynamic design.

We at Kaival Infotech provides you both static and dynamic website designing as per clients requirement we develop site in static and dynamic form.

Dynamic sites are those which are developed using scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, word press, magento, etc. In Dynamic website one can make changes as per requirement. Also this depends on client choice to have static or dynamic website. For dynamic website we use CMS, frame work, etc. In static website you get limited sources and function also it is cheapest form of web designing. Static Web design as you know that remain static in which more content and information site as compared to dynamic Static sites are mostly code based site written in html and is cost effective which is used by more clients. But In dynamic sites are also now days more useful as per client requirement changes can be done as more attractive and flashy effect are seen in dynamic sites. Both are Affordable but we developed as per your requirements.

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